The Best Crystals For Grief

The crystals for grieving are also helpful for people who are going through a difficult time. Rhodochrosite is a powerful emotional healer and speaks to the inner child. It releases suppressed emotions from the past and is particularly helpful for grieving. It can also help you feel more at peace and less stressed.

Dendritic Agate – What is Its Spiritual Meaning?

Dendritic Agate – What is Its Spiritual Meaning? The Dendritic Agate has a dual meaning. The stone promotes health, fullness, and happiness. Its properties also make it beneficial for heart conditions, skeletal problems, and nervous system disorders. The stone is believed to increase the network of blood vessels in the body, promoting a strong blood […]

Types of Third Eye Chakra Crystals

Third eye chakra crystals are beneficial for healing and balancing the energy center in the third eye. These gemstones can be helpful in enhancing psychic abilities. They help to open the heart chakra and stimulate intuition.  The third eye chakra is also connected to light. By choosing the right crystals, you can create a luminous […]

What Chakra Does Lapis Lazuli Affect?

What Chakra Does Lapis Lazuli Affect? Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful crystal associated with the Third Eye Chakra, also known as the mind’s eye. It connects to our mind consciousness and provides us with a level of perception that is beyond our normal horizons. This chakra is located in the brain and is in the upper portion of the nose. 

Birth Month Crystals

Birth Month Crystals You can choose from a variety of gemstones in your birth month. Each birth month has a different gemstone, but you can always start with a classic birthstone if you’d like to keep it simple. Usually, you’ll find a single gemstone associated with the month, though there are many options available. These […]

Aquamarine Crystal Effect

The metaphysical properties of Aquamarine are tender and powerful. Like ripples in the water, they radiate out, cleansing your aura of oppressive emotions.

This crystal can bring immense benefits to anyone who is ready to accept it. The benefits of Aquamarine can be felt through meditation and dreams.

Crystals That Symbolize Love

Crystals That Symbolize Love If you are a newbie at setting up a crystal grid, you may be wondering which stones represent love. The answer is quite simple: all crystals have some type of symbolism. Whether you are setting up a sacred space, or preparing for a romantic relationship, using a crystal will make the […]

Crystal Bracelets Make Great Spiritual Gifts

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a friend or family member, crystal bracelets are a beautiful choice. The most popular types of crystals are quartz and agate, which are known for their healing properties. Other stones are also wonderful gifts, such as a tiger’s eye and malachite. You’ll be able to find a […]

Citrine Crystal Birthstone

The citrine crystal birthstone is the ideal crystal for your November birthday. It evokes feelings of wisdom, compassion and serenity. This gemstone is a very versatile piece of jewelry.  Citrine is a powerful crystal that has physical healing powers and energy-boosting qualities. It enhances intelligence, mental clarity and self-confidence. It balances hormone production and reduces […]

Anxiety Crystal Bracelet For Men

Anxiety Crystal Bracelet For Men Anxiety jewelry for men often comes in designs that are appealing to men. Many makers make the same item in different colors and in different sizes. One of the most popular styles is the lava stone diffuser bracelet. If you’re one of the many men who feel anxious and want […]