10 Crystals to Boost Your Yoga Practice

10 Crystals to Boost Your Yoga Practice

10 Crystals to Boost Your Yoga Practice

Crystals and gemstones can bring a new world of objectives, energies, and powers into your yoga practice. They're not simply beautiful pieces of fashion jewelry, but also embody change and consist of an abundance of healing powers. If you are all set to increase the power of your yoga practice, crystals will be your brand-new finest buddies!

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From creating favorable change to open prospective growth and transformation to providing you defense and genuine love-- crystals and gemstones can help you to go deeper and boost your yoga experience. And even if you do not believe in the healing powers of crystals and gemstones, they can still be used as a sign of your inner light and your concealed appeal.

If you want to benefit from the powers of the gem, it is important that you choose the ideal stone. As each crystal and gemstone has different powers, you have to figure out which ones you should use when conducting your yoga practice.

Yoga with Gemstones.

To assist you, I made a list of my preferred stones I love to handle the mat with me for a kick-ass practice. Simply put your crystals and gems around your mat as you practice or on an altar. It's also possible to carry them on you as well as meditate directly on among your favorite gems. You can put a Himalayan Salt Lamp in your practice room.


Rose Quartz crystal gems.

This gorgeous pink gem is also known as the love crystal. Not only will it help to draw in and keep love, however it can also assist to heal your heart from disappointment and discomfort and end up being more mild and tolerant. This stone also teaches you to hope and motivates to accept yourself just as you are.


Amethist crystal gemstone.

Amethyst resonates with Crown Chakra, as well as Third Eye Chakra, which opens up the entrance to divine awareness, and higher intuition, and let individuals connect to their spirituality.

This highly spiritual stone increases your inner strength and stabilizes your emotions. This makes the Amethyst best for your yoga and meditation practice.


Clear Quartz crystal gems.

Clear Quartz is clear and clear and can recover concerns at the physical, mental, psychological or soul level. Representing all chakras and bringing them in alignment, Clear Quartz can be used to help in any kind of healing.

It generates divine white light and connection to higher-self, higher consciousness, higher wisdom, and unconditional pure love. It is also stated to increase inspiration and imagination by developing space in the mind. In addition, Clear Quartz is ideal for amplifying the energies of the other stones you use during your practice.


Citrine crystal gems.

Citrine is a stone that carries the powers of the sun and is as bright as its energy. Everything about this stone emanates positive energy and happiness and this gem will assist to ward off any negative energy that comes your method.

Citrine stimulates the element of fire, intertwining the very first chakra, 2nd chakra, and third chakra. It supports digestion, metabolic process, and overall weight loss within the physical body. In addition, this gem will provide you inspiration and increase your creativity, energy, and drive. So, if you want to feel joyful and bright, bring your citrine gem!


Black Tourmaline crystal gemstone.
Black tourmaline is known for triggering the very first chakra and is deeply rooted in the earth. As such it is popular among healers and shamans for its protective, and grounding qualities.

It recovers physically, spiritually, and emotionally and drives away lower harmful frequencies by creating an electrical force field around your aura. It will absorb negativeness and transmute it into positive energy and bring more good into your life. Black Tourmaline can assist you to launch self-doubt and anxiety and to end up being more stable and focused.


Aquamarine crystal gems.
Aquamarine is a really empowering crystal. While using this crystal, you may begin to feel the presence of the divine womanly deep within you. It will strengthen the energies between your heart and throat, which improves clearness, a better understanding of yourself and your inner reality.


Green Jade crystal gemstone.
The Green Jade brings in and enhances love. The stone is a sign of peacefulness, serenity, and purity and brings best of luck, relationship, peace, and consistency. Green Jade is a protective stone and will ward off negative energies that surround you.

It can also reveal you how you boost your creativity and how you can be more resourceful. It will encourage you to not listen to your self-imposed limitations and will support you in attaining your objectives and manifest your dreams into reality.


Black Onyx healing homes integrate dualities within your inner self and will provide you strength and self-mastery. This dark quartz is grounding and stable and turns aggressive energies into physical and mental strength, perseverance and endurance. It will keep your mind free of insecurity and assists you to be master of your own destiny.


Moonstone crystal gems.
Moonstone is a soft, feminine stone that increases intuition, and promotes inspiration, success, and good luck. It assists you to open the energy of the Moon that lives within you, thereby relaxing mental illness and tension, and supporting the feelings, providing calmness.


Black hematite crystal gems.

As quickly as you touch a hematite gem, you will feel more grounded and calm. It will eliminate any negative feelings brought on by tension or anxiety and will make you feel calm and focused once again.

In addition, Hematite can be utilized to clean the blood and supports circulation. The warm and stimulating vibes of this stone will boost a sluggish nerve system and supercharge your energy centers.

While yoga aligns your mind, body, and soul, crystals will release energetic clogs equating into physical and psychological barriers. So, by bringing gems and crystals to your practice next time, you can actually improve your yoga practice and produce a more powerful healing experience.

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