10 Crystals You Should Know About

10 Crystals You Should Know About

Rose quartz is a type of crystal that comes in different shades and colors, including various shades of reddish, pinkish, brownish, or tan. It gets its name from the color of natural roses. rose quartz gemstones are associated with light and love.

rose quartz

Rose quartz has been used as a healing stone because it redirects negative energy into positive. For example, if you have been suffering with repetitive nightmares but was unable to find peace as thoughts kept haunting you and waking up drenched in sweat every time before bedtime, rose quartz can be looked at for help since it alleviates your innermost worries caused by continuous thinking or negative inner chatterings.

In the east rose quartz is associated with love due to it's association with Valentine's Day. Rose quartz is also associated with feminine energy as it's pink in colour. This has encouraged many woman to use the crystal to draw on this power and harness it within their own self and family life.

Rhodochrosite crystal


The Greeks called Rhodochrosite “the rose-colored rock,” which ancient Athenians used as a decorating element for tombs along the Mediterranean Sea.

In Ancient American, Rhodochrosite was considered back then as a stone of personal power, self-esteem, love and inner beauty In modern times there is speculation that the Rhodochrosite mineral may be an Intermediate quartz between Rose Quartz and Smoky Quartz

Rhodochrosite helps to form a bridge between estrangement, facilitating harmony in relationships, and it has a balancing effect on one's perceptions. This stone is most often pinkish to slightly rose-colored, but the color varies depending on what other minerals make up the stone.




The Kyanite crystal meaning is the powerful and protective stone. Kyanite can heal the energy of body and emotions. The crystals assists with calming, healing and enlightening on a level that we cannot put in words.

Kyanite is a really beautiful mineral with a delicate appearance due to its delicate, airy structures. However, this beauty is deceptive since it one of the toughest minerals out there. Crystals develop these delicate structures as they grow slowly as individual units or layers of tetrahedrons.

Kyanite crystals are ones of a number of minerals that seem to tap into both forms of energy or light, thanks to their unusually light blue color that contains both purple and blue qualities.

The color related moods and mental states, like depression and anxiety, can vary based on the brightness and clarity levels of the hue. The softer shades will have weaker effects more common for everyday wearing jewelry. Stronger variants can carry more powerful traits

Known for its ability to balance ones energies, Kyanite’s crystal meaning area in which this gem excels mainly means chakra balancing .

This gem is said to help restore order and establish normal working conditions not only within but also between people as well as other aspects in one's life .


Larimar Crystal

Larimar has been used in metaphysical healing practices and is recognized as the birthstone for March.

What does the larimar crystal mean?

The Larimar stone, often called Dominican Marble, helped to produce a cooling pillowing effect that may help alleviate anxiety. The colour of larimar also has a calming effect as well. When using larimar crystals in the garden, they can calm worried minds and stiff nerves.


Larimar has been named for its solid blue-green color. It is a variety of the silicate mineral pectolite that contains palygorskite, which is tiny iron precipitates. The most common use for larimar is in jewelry.

Plaques and panels of lapidary larimar crystals are used in medicine chests throughout Mesoamerica and the Caribbean Basin, recording dates and progress as measured by a familiar agricultural cycle. These “diaries” were customary in a tradition that knew years were influenced by earth’s movement around the sun and months defined by lunar cycles - 372 days per year.

Today, larimar crystal meaning centers on balance, intuition, intuition and connection with the environment that one lived in before birth - its great life force we call Earth. Consider getting your genuine larimar crystal bracelet here.



Seraphinite is a member of the quartz family. It carries metaphysical properties related to regenerative abilities in body, mind, and spirit as well as energy intensiveness and power focusing.

According to Crystal Healing Expert , "A stone of transformation, Seraphinite recognizes and fosters one's quick growth from youth to adulthood with love and ease."

In terms of health it’s used for spinal distortions or curvatures including scoliosis.

Seraphinite is a perfect stone to heal both your body and life. Seraphinite is a peaceful crystal that helps to improve relationships with both people and animals. Seraphinite helps with energy flow in the body, as it’s an excellent grounding/nurturing stone, placing focus on the root chakra. It also provides tranquility, emotional healing, cleansing of auric bodies and calming emotions.


Tiger Eye

There are many people who believe the protective qualities of TigersEye. These crystal look like cats’ eye—the shape of this stone symbolizes safety which will bring good luck.

Tiger Eye is a protection stone which offers revealing insights later in life, brings optimism and balance and aids to fight addiction by warding off insecurity

Tiger Eye aka Cat’s eye, is a variety of Quartz that exhibits chatoyancy or the cat's eye effect. It will shine like tiger's eyes when held up to light because it exhibits parts that are translucent and parts that are opaque.

Tiger Eye has a specific energy that calms you and provides security.

Rarer than other stones.

Tiger eye is a form of the silica mineral Quartz.

Sometimes it goes by its trade name Tiger’s Eye. While other times it consists of some mica or acid to make natural patterns in the material. It reaches its most prized quality when there are red-brown striations in light brown or yellow-brown base with intense chatoyancy.



An example meaning of the Amethyst Crystal is "Purifying Justicator". The Amethyst Crystal and Quartz meaning for enhancing or magnifying your energy to get more done. Crystals provide healing and cleansing.

Amethyst is a beautifully striated purple quartz that resonates with the sixth, or third eye chakra, centrally located at the pineal gland. This special location, as well as its association with all 12 chakras and metaphysical properties are said to give this type of quartz its qualities. These types of crystals bring clarity by aiding in visualization, interpretation, organization and thorough understanding of spiritual psychology concepts.

The amethyst is captivating, with color ranging from light lilac to deep purple. It is the one of the only gemstones to come in so many different colors, and does give off a trace of lavender from time to time. There are numerous benefits of having an amethyst stone.

Amethyst crystal meaning pertains to wealth. Wealth can be represented by the purplish-pink and light lilac tonalities, while promising awareness and an open mind when it comes to both essential resources and life being abundant in every way possible.



What are Howlite crystals for?

Howlite crystals embody the spiritual power of stillness and silence, making them a good choice as meditation tools.

They also promote inner find and nurturing, especially when it comes to emotional mothering.

Howlite crystal meaning also includes practical help with managing fear by calming the body’s response to stress.

Howlite seem to promote this forward momentum – so people are drawn back to their path with a knowing and feeling of strength. And eventually come to accept themselves as they have managed one life challenge by another. This is a marvelous way for Howlite Crystals to stimulate healing for those who need deep emotional or physical repair and makes them the ideal advocate for anyone torn apart by hurting relationships or troubled times.



Onyx stone can be considered as the kind of stone that releases energy with magical character. It is seen as the 'stone of transformation and regeneration. Onyx has diverse meanings, it may signify 'protection against excess' or signify integrity and sincerity to a person.

Throughout centuries onyx has been used to create objects from weapons like rivets, handles, cups and embellishing jewelry pieces.

This is a section on Meaning of Onyx Crystals.

Encyclopædia Britannica states that this type of gem elicit a protective auspice for safeguarding an individual from his or her own harmful. Likewise Hindu people use this gem for manufacturing ornamental jewelry or for making enigmatic objects for rituals such as cauldrons and knife blades.

The Onyx crystal offers practical focus and provides the backbone of the whole doctrine, it helps one to honor their individuality.

Onyx is a type of microcrystalline Quartz and is an opaque form of Chalcedony processed by heat. One of its distinctive appearance known as swirled patterns, they tend to look different ways when light strikes them, depending on which angle they are viewed from. These swirls give Onyx a lot of complexity and variety which could also apply in various situations/moments/ phases that one passes through in life,.

This stone can help one revise the stubbornness they may have once possessed while serving much-needed protection over those who are a sensitive or guarded. What this means is that Onyx will reflect its owner's personality and their decisions back at them.

The word Onyx derives from the ancient Greek word onux, which means fingernail. The stone has been set in rings and engraved with who the ring belongs to. Ancient Greeks describe it as a design jewel and advised against wearing it or keeping it around one's neck.

Onyx is believed to bring good luck; when worn next to a religious symbol, it was said to invoke god's protection. It was thought to bring insight when given as a gift; that clarity of mind could be gained by looking into its depths. Some cultures known to wear or use natural onyx stones are India, Ethiopia, Tibet and China.

Ruby Zoisite


Ruby Quartz is one of the most popular types of quartz crystal because of its affordability and broad array of metaphysical healing properties. It emanates red light which have positive vibration resonance with the spiritual plane.

Ruby zoisite is a relatively abundant mineral while its brother kyanite is not quite so readily available on this earth's surface. It will be hard to go without seeing deposits of ruby zoisite in your lifetime, so it's theory that due to their abundance, some people might be born with their powerful energy encompassed deep within the labyrinths of our conscious and unconscious minds where these kyanites have time-mattered for about 3 billion years.

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