Tiger's Eye Spiritual Meanings and Uses

Tiger's Eye Spiritual Meanings and Uses

What is Tigers Eye?

Tigers Eye is a member of the Chalcedony mineral class family. The meaning of Tigers Eye is confidence and inner strength.

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The tiger is the true queen of the jungle: strong, bold, and ever ready to pounce. The spirit of the tiger is a suggestion of the significance of primal impulses and accepting the shadow self to slink out of the jungle and stand in the light.


The Origins of Tigers Eye

Traditionally utilized to ward off curses
A protective amulet
As soon as considered more valuable than gold
The power and guts of the queen of the jungle
Nicknamed The Shapeshifter, the earthly rich and curious gemstone of Tiger's Eye welcomes the user to accept their inner strength, personal self-discipline, and to call on the powers of defense. Generally, the Tiger Eye Gemstone was carried as a protective amulet against the forces of evil.

Healing Properties and Benefits of Tigers Eye

From the big cat lands of South Africa, the spice islands and tumbling tea plantations of India, and the dry endless outback of Western Australia, Tiger's Eye is mined in places where heat, dry air and a sense of wilderness runs widespread. It is formed by changing crocidolite, preserves its mineral rich moods, and takes its golden orb color design from iron oxide. In the 16th century, Tigers Eye was so rare it was thought about to be an element so precious, its worth was so much higher than gold.

Linked to both the root and the sacral chakra, the Tiger Eye stone features a glut of remarkable healing properties and benefits that help to balance physical and psychological health and wellbeing in one straight swoop. More than simply a quite face, the Tigers Eye functions as a suggestion to harness inner strength, to stand a little taller, and to stop messing up the self since all the light and love that is required is currently stashed inside. Instead of hiding away, Tiger's Eye is all about bringing beautiful confidence to the surface area. Have a look at the healing properties of the Tiger Eye gems ...

The stories behind Tiger's Eye say that the Egyptians fell hard for the rainbowlike rays of the Tiger Eye Stone, they thought that it revealed divine vision and would even use it as a stone to represent the eyes when producing fantastic deities. It was also utilized as a protective amulet on the breastplates of roman soldiers in fights.

Physical Healing Properties

Emotional Healing Properties
Clears unfavorable energy
Builds confidence and self-respect
Remove negative energy, dig deep into the root chakra, and let self-confidence soar with the Tiger Eye crystal. This stone comes with a lot of emotional healing properties and assists the user to stay strong, centered and connected to their core no matter the turmoil that surrounds them. When feeling blocked, the energy of Tiger's Eye can also cut directly through that lack of inspiration and aid move focus by motivating a more active approach to life.

What do you think of the Tiger's Eye? Does it's power call to you? Share your thoughts in the comments.

For a truly deep tidy, linking Tiger's Eye back with the earth is also an excellent solution. The moon constantly works its magic with gemstones by instilling the stone with strong spiritual properties and power when more.

Real to its name, a Tigers Eye should have a cat's eye impact when you hold it up to the light. You can also spiritually cleanse your Tigers Eye by burying it in soil, positioning it in moonlight, and smudging it with sage or palo santo.

What is Tigers Eye made of?

Tigers Eye is a range of quartz. It is a member of the chalcedony mineral class and is formed by changing crocidolite. It takes its golden essence from iron oxide. It is also made up of limonie and riebeckite.


One of the most effective methods to maximize gemstones is to keep them near to the skin. Gemstone jewelry is one of the very best ways to soak up the powerful healing properties of different crystals as the vibrations on bare skin straight feeds into one's own energy source.

Zodiac Birthstone

A Gemini birthstone
Good for Capricorns and Leos
The Tiger Eye gems is a match for those seeking a pinch of summer magic when it comes to their birthstone. Geminis will find excellent delight in the golden orb-like stone, as naturally creative people, this stone is fantastic for assisting shift creative blocks.

How to charge Tigers Eye?

As an earthly stone, Tigers Eye likes to be charged by Mother Earth herself. You can bury your Tigers Eye in soil to let it 'root back to its center'. You can also put your Tigers Eye in the presence of other crystals known for their charging powers - stones like Selenite and Clear Quartz. Leaving your Tigers Eye in soil or moonlight will also charge it.

Thoughts on Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye is a remarkable amulet for resolving fear, weaving in higher levels of protection, and bringing positive powers of change into daily life. It's an important stone for those who fight with feeling grounded and who feel like an extra dosage of good luck in life would help lay the foundations for being linked to their own sense of worth and self-confidence and reaching their maximum potential.

Can you put Tigers Eye in water?

Yes, Tigers Eye is a long lasting and strong stone and can be placed in water. It has a hardness of around 6.5-7 on the Mohs scale meaning that it can endure water and other aspects. It can also be placed in saltwater although it's not recommended to have any jewel or crystal in saltwater for long periods of time.

Is Tigers Eye a protective stone?

Yes, Tigers Eye is a protective stone. Typically this gems was brought as an amulet to fend off wicked. It is understood for protecting against unfavorable energies and as it is also a grounding stone, it can help to clear the root chakra so that you can feel more safe and secure in this world.

Balances the endocrine system

Helpful for seasonal depression
Overflowing with vigor and ever all set to pull someone out of a downturn, Tiger's Eye is a fantastic fortifier of the blood and extraordinary at balancing out the endocrine system. For those who tend to feel a little sluggish or drenched in sleepiness, the Tiger Eye stone can use its intense golden-brown chi to stir the pot and awaken motivation.

Tiger Eye FAQ

How to cleanse Tigers Eye?

You can cleanse Tigers Eye by running it under water for a few minutes and even using a mild brush and mild soap. You can also leave your Tigers Eye gems in the light of the moon. If you want a non-invasive method of cleansing your Tigers Eye you can smear it or utilize gongs or a singing bowl.

Is Tigers Eye magnetic?

While Tigers Eye is not magnetic in the standard sense, it can in some cases show magnetic attractions if it consists of hematite inclusions.

How to Use Tigers Eye Stones

Tiger's Eye pendants, bracelets, and rings are all popular methods of sporting the stone. For those who have joint stress or damaged bones, Tiger's Eye can also provide a hand thanks to its healing properties.

By building that strong and safe structure, directing energy in the proper way, and taking in the glowing sunny heat of the stone, those who make area for the Tiger's Eye in their life may find that brand-new confidence brings them over and helps them to drive for success. As part of the healing powers, harmful energies are gotten rid of, mental obstructions pushed aside, and inmost dreams suddenly stop being visions and become well and truly in targeted reach.

How to activate Tigers Eye?

One of the finest methods to trigger Tigers Eye is to use it close to the body. Another way to activate Tigers Eye is to hold it or position it on the lower chakras and mindfully set your intents.


How to program Tigers Eye?

Program your Tigers Eye by holding it in your receiving hand (the left hand). Focus on the stone and fill it with great energy.

How to tell if Tigers Eye is genuine?

Real to its name, a Tigers Eye should have a cat's eye effect when you hold it approximately the light. Being part of the quartz family and being a cabochon indicates that tilting the stone under light must make the yellow band appear like it's moving. When held to the light, real Tigers Eye also has a glossy glass like appeal and a silvery color. It needs to also be harder than glass.

What chakra is Tigers Eye?

The Tigers Eye is a root chakra stone however is also linked to the sacral chakra and the solar plexus chakra too. The root chakra is one of our most important fundamental chakras as it figures out how safe and safe and secure we feel worldwide. The solar plexus chakra is accountable for our sense of self-esteem and the sacral chakra is the house of stimulation, creativity, and feeling.

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