The Elemence (Larimar, Gold Sheen Obsidian)

The Elemence is rocking the low-key, simple look. It’s minimalist and chic, stylish yet subtle. Made of natural Larimar stone and Gold Sheen Obsidian, it has aesthetic beauty with healing properties too. Treat yourself to the gift of elegance and simplicity with The Elemence.

Larimar is a unique variety of pectolite, which is a stone with an unusual fibrous formation. The blue colour comes from calcium deposits, but copper pectolite is quite similar, and produces a paler translucent turquoise colour that may be streaked with white. Larimar is sometimes also called the Atlantis Stone because of its ocean-like qualities.

Gold Sheen Obsidian
Known as Gold Sheen Obsidian.This stone appears black until in the sunlight and with the right angle it emits a beautiful golden sheen. The golden sheen across this dark stone is simply gorgeous as it changes its appearance from every direction. 


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