The Prismix (Lab-grown ruby sapphire, Natural Garnet, 999 Fine Silver)

The Prismix

Designed to inspire you! Add a touch of femininity and mystery with this delicate crystal bracelet that mesmerizes and complements any outfit. Handcrafted with the most unique lab-created red ruby, and natural garnet, for your personal expression; these enchanting gems stir up just the right color combinations to give you a look of the moment that is completely you.

Sacredore’s Lab-Grown Sapphires:

Make a lasting impression with gorgeous lab-created gems that look just like natural stones. They have identical properties to their natural counterparts and are made by creating the exact same environment in which gems grow naturally. Get colorful, rich shades of sapphire perfection and unparalleled quality. Our rubies are lab-grown, not manufactured. Unlike other synthetic stones on the market, Sacredore’s are lab-created from pure sapphire and their composition is EXACTLY the same as natural stones. We don’t buy stones for resale – we only sell what we cut and design ourselves. This way you can absolutely trust us when we say ours are one of a kind!

Natural Garnet
Red Garnet is a semi precious stone of Red color. Known to be ages old, garnet has been loved by humanity for its excellent hues. The red shade of a garnet stone is genuinely alluring.

The howlite stone usually forms in cauliflower-shaped deposits. Its most common color is white or cream, You can identify howlite by its appearance of white stone having nodules with natural grey lines. Jewelry with it will have a clean look to it if it is pure white. The luster is earthily glimmering.


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