The Soul (Hematite,Howlite)

The Soul
Introducing The Soul—a bracelet made with hematite and howlite crystals. This bracelet is perfect for those seeking to connect with their higher purpose. The hematite crystals promote strength and courage, while the howlite crystals promote calm and peace. Together, they create a perfect balance. The Soul is also adorned with a beautiful luster, adding a touch of elegance to this already stunning piece.

Hematite is a dark, blackish gray opaque stone with a metallic luster. It has an extremely high brilliance and shine and takes a metallic polish that can look silver, pure black, or gunmetal blue.

The howlite stone usually forms in cauliflower-shaped deposits. Its most common color is white or cream, You can identify howlite by its appearance of white stone having nodules with natural grey lines. Jewelry with it will have a clean look to it if it is pure white. The luster is earthily glimmering.


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